Chiesa di San Moisè

According to some reports, the church of St. Moisè was built in 797 by the Artigera and Scoparia families with the name of St. Victor. However by 947 it was already falling into disrepair due to its having been built of slabs and was therefore rebuilt by Moisè Venier, who wished to dedicate it to the saint which bore his name. It was rebuilt again after the fire of 1105, and again (for the last time) in 1682 to a design by Alessandro Tremignon. The richly-decorated marble facade, which cost the patrician Fini family 30.000 ducats, is a good example of the decadence of the art; in a state of near-collapse, it was restored in 1878 with the loss of a few statues. The Church of S. Moisè was a parish church, but in 1810 it became a subsidiary of S. Marco.

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