4 November 2010

Giampaolo Girardi, the President of Proposta Vini Italia, will introduce us to the world of ungrafted Italian wines before phylloxera. There will be a conversation and an opportunity to taste some wines made with the fruit of vines that are not grafted on American rootstocks. In the second half of the 19th century, phylloxera devastated European vineyards. They had no defences against the parasites brought over on vines from the New World, which were healthy carriers! It almost seemed as if the Americas wanted revenge for the diseases taken across the ocean by the Conquistadors. Until that time, European vines needed no special treatment because they were not affected by anything except the rare “esca” disease. Some vineyards have survived in areas to which phylloxera has not spread due to climatic and/or geological reasons; few others are able to withstand the attacks on their original roots. All of the ungrafted varieties have highly characteristic qualities that are much more distinct than those on American rootstocks.
Coordinators: Lorenzo Grassivaro & Sergio Fragiacomo
With the support of the Italian Wine Sommeliers’ Association – Venice

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