Il Ballo del Doge 2012 – “Queensessence”

18 February 2012 20:30to19 February 2012 03:00



Il Ballo del Doge™,
The XIX edition of this fantastic production which surpasses the mere party to become a
true international happening, will be entitled

… scent of a Woman,
essence of a Queen,
hint of a Sin …


dedicated to all Women who are Queens at heart and all those Men who treasure them.

It will be a true costume show inspired by Queens of the past, of legend, of imagination and myth
and dedicated to all women whose strength, passion and intelligence make them Queens at heart.


A great show which interprets the beauty, glamour and passions of these Queens,
women from every place and every time … who, wearing precious and unique costumes,
will be the soul of an extraordinary and original show.


In a stirring crescendo of visual effects, sublime music, intriguing dances and artistic performances worthy
of the most famous musicals will take you to a place where time no longer exists.


Put aside your watches and just listen to the beat of your heart, follow the scent of a perfume,
move to the rhythm of the water in a city where silence is music and dream …



Time, Imagination and History fuse together in perfect harmony.
Sounds, perfumes, colours … every sense will be awakened in the search for that ineffable elixir which,
for just one night, will make Guests of

Il Ballo del Doge
protagonists in a collective dream … before dawn breaks.

Antonia Sautter is expecting you in her Atelier of costumes so that you can begin your dream.


Gala Dinner V.I.P. Ticket – Entry at 20:30   € 1700,00

Gala Dinner Full Ticket – Entry at 21:30    € 1400,00

After Dinner Ticket – Entry at 23:00       € 650,00

For ticket information and costumes:

Antonia Sautter Creations & Events
San Marco 1286
30124 Venice
Tel. boutique + 39 041 5224426 (every day from 10 am to 8 pm)
Fax boutique + 39 041 5287543
Tel. office & atelier + 39 041 2413802 (Monday to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm)
Fax office  & atelier + 39 041 5220307
To arrange a costume fitting, please call the office during the week or the boutique during the weekend.

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