Friday, February 01, 2002


Start time: 15:30
Place: da San Pietro di Castello a San Marco
the Festa delle Marie is the
oldest of all Venetian celebrations (first chronicled in 1039). It remembers
the liberation of young brides who were kidnapped and robbed of their jewels
by Istrian pirates in 948. Seven young women – later represented by wooden
images (“Marie de tola”) – used to parade with a magnificent train from San
Pietro di Castello, where the ancient Venice Cathedral once was. Directed by
Bruno Tosi with the collaboration of Serenissimo Tribunal de L’inquisition
and other historical troupes, the parade will arrive at St. Mark’s Square
where the seven Marys will be introduced (the girls are previously selected
through a competition promoted and organized by Il Gazzettino). Street
performances and dances for all participants will follow.
Partecipation costs: Free